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Intercultural Exchange and Travel Groups 

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Immersion Programs & Homestays 

School Programs, Summer Programs and Homestays

School Programs and Homestays in Spain, Canada or England. Come and live with a family meanwhile you study and learn about the culture.

Summer Programs in different destinations.

        School Programs, Summer Programs and Homestays in Spain - Immersion Programs

You can choose to live in a Host Family in Spain for short or long terms (weeks, months or a full academic year). You can arrange a Summer stay in a Spanish family, private tutoring and much more. Students can attend classes in our Local Schools. To participate students must be 14 and older. Optional private tutoring can be arranged. Programa High School: En el programa de High School los participantes viven con familias espanolas y asisten a un colegio espanol durante un trimestre, un semestre o un ano escolar completo. Los estudiantes tienen entre 14 y 18 anos. Ademas pueden elegir entre un colegio publico o privado. Other opcions: Erasmus and International students are very welcome to live in Host Families and study Spanish Intensive Courses in our local University. Students must be 16 and older. You can choose a term or a summer course in June and July. Ask for more information.....

Posted March 11, 2012 at 7:55 AM