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Welcome to the IAPA Language Courses!

The International Academy of Performing Arts (IAPA) offers combined language and music theatre workshops in the heart of the music theatre world - London. We draw upon the expertise of our specialist teachers of Acting, Singing and Dance and worked together with specialist language instructors to combine skills and have developed a custom made curriculum, which is both fun and ensures a boost in language skills.

Embrace the Musical World - in London

You can contact us:

By sending a contact message, we will provide you all information about the next session in London

Summer available      Registration now open !!!

We have just completed another excting Music Theatre Language Workshop with students from France, Portugal, Spain and Belgium! 

We are now accepting bookings for our Summer Music Theatre Language Workshop!

We are located right in London the European centre of music theatre. All our courses are based on the magic of music, we do not offer static language classes but combine a kinesthetic and interactive approach to teach languages and music theatre so that learning English is a fun and exciting experience. A major part of the London IAPA Language Course is a fun tour through London in which we will also visit a world famous music theatre venue.

Highest Qualiy of Education.

All teaching takes place in group-style workshops with our experienced music and Drama language teachers. We employ talented coaches for every part of the course so students and parents can be assured that the highest level of education is being delivered. You will be amazed by how much can be done in one week - one how much fun it is at the same time!

Multiple countries for a real group experience

We always strive to combine groups from multiple countries in our courses. The advantages are obvious - the students need to speak English to be able to communicate with students of different countries and they get to know different cultures from around Europe, a true multi-national experience!

Spanish students can contact us at: [email protected]

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